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    This primer on Muslim women’s rights is meant to create better understanding about their rights in the Qur’an. Various Qur’anic verses have been misinterpreted to give women secondary position whereas Qur’an clearly pronounces gender equality. Also there are certain verses in Qur’an which have been interpreted to mean subjugation of women whereas the words, if carefully understood and read in conjunction with other verses on women in the Qur’an do not support any such subordination. This book is an attempt to explain these verses in proper context.

    Qur’an is the first revealed scripture which gave equal honour and dignity to women in every respect. However, patriarchal Muslim society never acceded equal dignity to women. Today Muslim women are demanding equality and there is need for such literature to rightly explain Qur’anic position to Muslim women. This primer, it is hoped, will fulfill this much needed objective.


    Woman in Quran by: Qutub Jahan Kidwai, Shirin Huda,  100.00  75.00