About PeoplesBookShop.com

PeoplesBookShop.com is an e-commerce portal, wholly owned by Peoples Literature Publication OPC Pvt Ltd, a publication company based in Navi Mumbai and dedicated to Socio-Academic Publications at large, it is a Space to theorise people’s wisdom and knowledge, a platform for original thinkers and writers.

Peoples Book Shop was founded with the idea to be committed to widening the level of progressive global knowledge sharing with different sections of society. In addition to being a platform for original thinkers and writers, it is an effort to bring information, knowledge and wisdom.

This E-commerce portal is designed to help people at large find resourceful material for reading, knowledge and academics in the domain of social sciences.

Books published by Peoples Literature Publication, its affiliate body, Journal of Peoples Studies shall be sold here. Along with this we also invite like-minded organisations and publishing companies to join hands and help in knowledge dissemination.

We aim to help people know about the lifestyles, cultures and other social aspects of the subaltern, the oppressed and the not so in mainstream people.