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    Seven decades of political turbulence have turned Kashmir into the most dangerous and highly militarized place in the world. No one has been lucky to escape the constant violence. Women have suffered the worst; their storytelling needs a lot of courage and endurance. She has been at the forefront of massacres, encounters, crackdowns, or extrajudicial killings in the patriarchal society of Jammu and Kashmir. There have been no suffragette or women’s movements in Kashmir like in other parts of the world. Rather, women are forced to take the role they could never have dreamed of. Political turmoil offers her no choice but to leave four walls of a home in search of her dear ones. She is losing her home, dignity, and peace while visiting forbidden institutions such as a police station, court, or prison where she goes in search of her disappeared son, arrested brother, or to plead for the release of her husband. The father leaves home in the morning. It is a jackpot if he returns in the evening. The arrested son disappears in the thin air of a prison. And, the brother could get killed whilst being released by the court. The woman is known to be the best storyteller and a creator of life. But, the Kashmiri woman has become a painful story of our times. She is the protagonist of ‘beyond silence’ who is risking her life to break the shackles of patriarchy in unusual circumstances. Seeking justice from the muted world of ‘collective conscience’ has become her destiny as she has no choice living a normal life in an abnormal Kashmir.

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