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    Heritage and Harmony (Mystic and Bhakti Saints of Hinduism) explores the similarities and common grounds that the spiritual saints of many religions have created between as is seen through the work and life of Sufi and Bhakti saints. The conceptualisation of different religions being antagonistic to each other is a historical and can also be termed propaganda. There are various ways of looking at religion; Religion may be interpreted religiously/spiritually, ontologically, sociologically, historically and psychologically. Religion in its ordinarily accepted sense means a personal relationship with some divine or transcendent person to whom one submits and to whom he/she prays for material advantages or for spiritual and moral enlightenment. The author elaborates on the different conceptualisation of religion and it understands in a chronological order through the example of the Bhakti and Sufi Saints.  “

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    Heritage of Harmony by: Dr. T C Roy  80.00