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    We are all star dust. From the searing hot liquid magma inside the earth to the dying polar bears in the Arctic, from the rainbow in the sky to the enigmatic Mona Lisa, from the first microbe to the most powerful man on earth are made up of stardust. We are all connected. Human beings in their unbridled hubris forget this basic fact. Human beings in their insatiable greed, devastate and destroy our only living home, our mother earth. This volume is an effort to connect the dots

    We seek the connections between energy, environment, politics and geopolitics. We seek the peaceful coexistence of human beings on earth, in harmony with nature. We seek ways to protect our mother earth which is being devastated by ecological degradation and climate change. We ask the question, why should we use fossil fuels, which write a death certificate for the earth. We ask what do we do if fossil fuels, which built a modern civilisation, run out. Do we have a plan B? What is preventing the use of renewable energy as an alternative?

    If we continue to fight resource wars endlessly will it not lead to a nuclear winter? If we fight among each other for religious, ethnic, linguistic… differences can we have peace on earth? Is peace possible at all? What is the future of our children, our grandchildren? Will they have a future? Are we destroying their future with our rapacious greed? This volume will raise all these questions. This volume will also present some meaningful solutions to the crises we collectively face.

    Countercurrents.org puts forward a worldview that energy intensive globalisation should end and it must be replaced by a low energy, ecologically sustainable local economies. If humanity is to survive, the destructive system of capitalism and consumerism must be replaced by an economic system which is based on just equitable distribution and need based use of resources. We strive to reach this goal with our motto, “Educate! Organize! Agitate!”

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