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    This book is a compilation of articles published by the author in different newspapers and magazines on issues relating to the marginalised communities of Odisha. He has a been part of people’s movements, rights based work and policy advocacy for building and inclusive Odisha by including the historically marginalised communities in the bottom of socio-economic strata who are left out in the ongoing development process and further pushed into the periphery. Their issues and problems get a very minimal space in media and state policy making process in spite of constitutional mandate to establish equality and ensure equal opportunity in all spear of social, economic and political life. Author has tried to highlight the gaps at a different level from policy to programme implementation and also suggested for possible intervention by state and other concern.

    This book will be used as an instrument in the realisation of the basic rights of the marginalised in Odisha by strengthening people’s movements and struggles and contribute to the process of building of an inclusive, democratic and vibrant Odisha.

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