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    Understanding Ambedkarism through the eyes of Ambedkarites like M/s Bhagwan Das, L R Balley, V T Rajshekar, Raja Dhale, Vijay Surwade and many others as well as those who may not claim to be Ambedkarite yet remained supporters of the movement and vision that Dr Ambedkar espoused for such as Dr R M Pal and Mr Anand Patwardhan. You will read Mr Anand Teltumbde’s fierce critique but also Mr A K Biswas and Manohar Biswas’s narratives about dominance of brahmanical politics in West Bengal.  The conversations are wide ranging with activists as well as human rights defenders in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, United Kingdom and United States of America. For the first time, here is a book that give you indepth understanding of caste, race, class and other ethnic issues. The conversations are also about Dravidian legacy of EVR Periyar as well as the issues of Chakmas in Bangladesh too. The Dalit question in Nepal is well discussed with an Ambedkarite as well as one leader of the left movement in Nepal. Read the fascinating work of Ambedkarites in UK through the prism of Ms Santosh Dass, Mr Arun Kumar and Mr Bishan Dass Bains. A well explained interview with Prof Kevin Brown about the issues of African American as well as his fascination towards Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

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