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    a fantastic work in compiling Bengali language poetry (translated to English) written by nine poets – Dronacharya Ghosh (1948-1972), Murari Mukhopadhyay (1945-1971), Timir Baran Sinha (1949-1971), Amiya Chattopadhyay (1940/41-1971), Ashutosh Majumdar (1945/46-1971),  Tushar Chandra (1943/44-1971), Kalachand Dalal (1921-1972), Sudipto Bandyopadhyay {1952(?) – disappeared with encephalitis while underground)} and Saroj Dutta (1915-1971). The similarities between these men are that all of them had joined the Naxalite Movement in the late 1960s and that all of them have fallen martyrs to police action in the early 1970s during the rule of the United Front Government in West Bengal.

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