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    No study of this kind has been attempted so far. Here is an effort been made to study the resistance shown by the village society of Maharashtra during the Maratha Rule, and this aspect has been framed in the present thesis as a military culture and how the famous Koregaon battle has been fought by the Mahar Community at Koregaon. How this entire history has been seen today. It is the first effort made to bring to light the original thoughts, ideas and materials on this subject that had remained untapped hitherto.
    The primary sources for this thesis have been drawn from Maharashtra State Archives, Mumbai, National Archives of India, New Delhi, Pune Archives and the Peshwe Daftars available in Pune. Private papers and contemporary records of Bharat Itihas Sanshodhan Mandal, Pune have also been consulted Journals and periodicals, as well as reports from Native Newspapers, have been used. A special effort has been made to bring the oral History aspect in this thesis by taking interviews through questionnaires to arrive at the right conclusion.

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