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    This book examines the causes of communal violence in India and its impact. It starts by elucidating the communal violence from the perspective of different scholars, it then moves to explain the different elements involved in communal violence such as the riot leaders, the mobilized and misled. Special emphasis is made to understand the overall role of police and in general the role of media. The second half of this book deals to understand the impact of communal violence such as ghettoization. How identities get reinforced and how reforms are seen as a weakness within the community and the role of elites in it. Communal profiling is another major issues faced by minorities. Various sections of society and different government institutions ascribe certain elements with Muslims and how it impact on them. Lastly the booklet ends with efforts needed for building and promoting a peaceful and harmonious society. It lays a road map as to how civil society and state can take actions necessary to promote the harmony; especially the state by ensuring proper representation in different government institutions.

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