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    Uday Mehta

ISBN: 978-81-934714-0-1

Missing ‘Vikas’ | In the Gujarat Model

by: Uday Mehta


Meet the Author
Dr. Uday Mehta is a sociologist with broad interdisciplinary background. He received his SSA and Ph. D from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Mumbai University. He has contributed to the field of sociology through many of his books such as Agrarian Strategies in India, State Secularism and Religion: Western and Indian Experience (C0-editer: Asgar Ali Engineer), and Modern Godmen in India. His most recent publications are Sectarianism, Politics and Development and Secularism in India, Concepts and Practices (co-editors: Ram Puniyani)
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About This Book

Since the beginning of the century experiments of oppression of minorities’ specifically Muslim minorities has rampantly increased along with loud slogans of development-“Vikas” across the country. The book attempts to deconstruct both academically and practically how the euphoria around development has meandered around real issues of development. The book in a very lucid manner takes us through historical and contemporary narratives exposing the politics of exclusion embedded in “Gujarat Development Model”.
The book takes into account historical backdrop of revivalist movement in medieval times, Gandhi, independence struggle and Nationalist movement in Gujarat. It also examines the absence of strong OBC and Dalit movements even when a sizable population of Gujarat has been Dalits. The book further takes us through the alignment and realignment of class, caste and capital in the era of globalization and there after. Followed by the rise of Modi and neoliberal reforms under his regime and new forms of alignments with capitalists. The author then examines the uprisings because of a new form of class and caste equations that have emerged in Gujarat in recent times in form of Patidar movement, Dalit struggle and finally resistance to Dholara Smart city project.
It is a timely and valuable work in the direction of understanding the present social and political phenomenon in India. The points delineated in this book can be the foundation for devising the future strategies of social intervention at the level of social movements and also for political alliances in times to come.


ISBN: 978-81-934714-0-1
Publisher: Peoples Literature Publication
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 130