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Features & Benefits

Author Focused
Authors are highlighted with a special page, a short bio and links to their social media accounts.

Free Listing
No monthly fees or setup fees. You will be charged a nominal commission rate for each item sold

Awesome Support
We are always Happy to assist through entire process and solve your queries. Also assist in Publishing.


Marketing & Promotion
We sell under your name and brand. We promote your latest and popular products to all our registered users

Discounts, Offers, Coupons
Customise and extend Discounts Coupons and Offers on your books to increase sales. Connect Us for details.

Easy Payments
It’s straight forward payment with no hidden charges, credited within 14 days of delivery of the book.

Frequently Asked Questions

A brief about PeoplesBookShop is an e-commerce portal, dedicated to Socio-Academic Publications at large, it is a Space to theorise people’s wisdom and knowledge, a platform for original thinkers and writers. Academicians, Activists, Research Scholars, Organisations and Writers are invited to sell and promote their literature through this portal. It has been designed to keep the Author in focus and enable easy search for buyers.

How to become a seller
Getting started is easy! Just visit drop a mail to with the your details, one of our consultants will get in touch within 24-48hours to complete remaining formalities to get started.

Charges, Payment Schedule and Taxes
It is absolutely SIMPLE to sell on the portal. There are no monthly fees, no membership fees, no setup fees. This means you won’t pay any fees to list and showcase your products. Sellers will be charged a commission fee only when a product gets sold. Commission fees vary per category. Please contact one of our friendly staff who will assist with further information.

Which Books can be sold
Books published by Authors, Publishers, Organisations, Academic Journals published by various Institutions, Small booklets published by people can be sold. We would be happy to have the Content published in accordance with the guidelines of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India

Do I need ISBN
ISBN helps us give a unique identity to your Book, easy search for buyers, and legitimacy to the literature published. We always recommend your books to have an ISBN number. The process to get ISBN is simple, fast and free. Incase your book doesnt have ISBN we would still list, sell the book but with a condition that you secure ISBN at the earliest possible.

Inventory Mangement
We understand you may have multiple channels to sell the books, hence it would be best you handle the inventory and manage on your end. It would be best if you can allocate a fixed number, decided by you, for Peoples Book Store and inform us. This will help us keep a track and update you when the inventory is to be renewed.

Delivery & Fulfilment
As the inventory is on your premises, we would request you to pack and dispatch it directly. The details of the shippment shall be sent to you in the order mail. You are requested to inform us back with the Shipment Dispatch details. This will enable us to track for delivery.We are currently in talks with Logistic Solution Providers who shall enable point to point solutions.

Fees, Payment and Taxes
Listing on PeoplesBookStore is absolutely free. We do not charge extra for marketing the book through our channel partners. We only charge a commission fee only when a product gets sold.

Returns if any
We do not expect returns or cancellations, but a buyer if chooses to do so, we would have to respect and abide by it. We have a user centric Return & Refund Policy, For any more queries contact our executives.

Marketting & Best Practices
Its always good to market your own Book. We expect you to use the URL of your Book for marketting, enabling targetted sales for your Book. Authors get a special page URL with their Brief Bio and links to social media accounts along with the books written.
We shall do collective marketting of all products listed on site.

Deals, Offers, Coupons
Buyers are always on lookout for Deals and Offers, if you have plans to make special deals, offers, or special coupons we shall be happy to incorporate them. Do mention them to us as and when needed.

More Queries?
If you have more questions, please Contact Us. We would love to help you!