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    Vivek Sakpal

ISBN: 978-81-952635-8-5

Why and How to Write a Book

by: Vivek Sakpal

India is the world’s sixth-largest book market and was expected to touch Rs 739 billion in 2020 . Are you using this vast industry to reach your goals and objectives in life? Are you able to channelize and influence people towards you, around you and then monetize it for your personal growth, business ambitions or to make your name in history? This books shows you a way to it.


Meet the Author

With a decade plus experience in social developmental sector, covering rights-based organisations and voicing people’ s understandings, he has been instrumental in forwarding the publication house to new heights. His pan India network helps bring all issues of socio-academic interests to the forefront. A consistent campaigner for Electoral Reforms, a hobby columnist and a passionate photographer.

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About This Book

ISBN: 978-81-952635-8-5
Publisher: Peoples Literature Publication
Publish Date: 2021
Page Count: 95